Changing Work Cultures.

Advancing Play.


BJ Davis


Director of Programs

As a trainer in the field of inclusive leadership and team development for the past 17 years, BJ is an enthusiastic coach, keynote speaker and facilitator that extracts leading edge concepts and ignite positive change through creative play. She is a catalyst for innovative gutsy moves that impact change. As a humorist writer and author of the Skinny Beni series, she enjoys bringing to life this quirky character and her antics. She is also the Founder of Emerging Women NC an extension of her best intentions; be kind, be inclusive, use your gifts to help others.

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Scott Markowitz


Director of Communications

Part owner and lead facilitator, Scott’s passion lies in coaching “Creatives” towards their best selves. In his former professional life, Scott was an award winning TV/Film Editor, Reality TV Developer, and Director of Post Production.  Scott’s brilliance lies in his keen eye for detail, his drive to get it right the first time and his desire to help clients move towards more inclusive work cultures where unlimited creativity can be unleashed

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Samantha Johnson


Organizational Stratigist – Lead Writer

Creative and forward-thinking with a drive for success, Samantha is a change agent for building strong inclusive creative teams. A regular contributor and blogger on leadership she is innovative and results oriented.  Samantha comes to us with a diverse background that demonstrates solid results across industries and expanding roles. She is an excellent communicator who empowers team members to find methods that will engage others

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Rawan Fares


Legal Specialist

Born in Palestine, she has seen what war can do to communities. It is the path that is led her to advocate for human rights and to empower women to become financially independent. Rawan is passionate about helping victims of political uprisings to understand their rights. We are proud to announce she will sit for the New York bar exam to become a legal counselor in July 2021

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Diogo Bezerra


Director of Research & Engagement (YLAI Fellowship 2021)

Diogo Bezerra is an award winning Entrepreneur and  the CEO/Founder of 4Way– an online English school for Brazilians that have limited access to learning English. Since 2016 Diogo has been impacting change with his  English programs by empowering people in Brazil to reach for better opportunities.

 We are excited and honored to form this partnership and a learning opportunity through the YLAI exchange program!

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Jared Caldwell


Lead Photographer/ Videographer – Story Teller

Jared is the founder of the Raleigh based photography and film venture, New Depth Creations LLC. Jared encourages through the use of videos and still-frames life stores from those that live them. He came on board EWNC as a male advocate who admires the remarkable strides that women have made and the impact it has on all of us. “I am always grateful to be a part of an important cause, and even more grateful to document the journey.”

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Ana Ratanaphruks


Assistant Director of Research and Engagement (Intern 2021)

Ana is an engineering student at Columbia University. Her passion lies in the STEM field as well as helping others through play and research. She is a Sigma Xi member, American Junior Academy of Science Lifetime Fellow, National Conrad Innovator, and NC Governor’s School Alumna for her materials science research. Ana hopes to share her love for creating and problem solving with the world so others may enjoy the art of play at work!

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