“There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

It’s Time You and You Had A Talk!

There is no better time than the present to sit quietly and have a heart-to- heart talk with yourself and awaken your passion and enthusiasm for life.  There is tremendous benefit and healing in stopping the chatter and constant thoughts in these turbulent times so that you can listen to that inner voice inside you that doesn’t care what others say or think but just wants you to be happy and loving your life!. That kid of years gone by that still lives within the deepest part of you. The playful, creative, excited on a whelm youngster. The keeper of your passion and enthusiasm! That kid is still there!

Through unexpected turn of events the Covid 19 pandemic has commissioned all of us, on some level, towards our own personal retreat where movement is limited and thoughts can travel undistracted by the daily noise that we use to call the “grind.”

Rekindling your passion can give a richer deeper meaning to these unusual times. It can help you focus on positive outcomes and serve as a healthy alternative to any negative momentum you could be experiencing through the habit of allowing unwanted thoughts that raise frustration and stress levels.

Passion and enthusiasm will give you back a sense of personal power and purpose.  It can re-center you and instill hope for the future.  Tapping into your passion is a clear path that can open up new creative thoughts that can truly make you feel like that playful kid again, full of great expectations!

Tips for Tapping the Passion Well.

  1. Take time to be quiet by yourself. Early morning is usually the perfect time before any unwanted thoughts get it.  Just sit and relax with no intention whatsoever. If the weather permits sit outside and listen to nature. If you can give yourself 15 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted “you time,” with no intention to do or be, you will find yourself more centered.  Who knows what great ideas will pop in your head.
  2. Purposely reflect on what you enjoyed doing as a kid.  Share it with someone else if you can and have them share.  What games did you play? What did you collect? Who were your favorite play friends?
  3. Treat yourself to one of your favorite snacks when you were a kid. Think of a fond memory you had eating it and with whom.
  4. Draw. Color. Doodle. Just the mere act of letting your right brain take over could give your left burned-out brain a rest. Great ideas and inspiration usually come when we are not thinking or doing but just being in the moment.  If you have kids, they will love doing this with you.
  5. Reflect through a brainstorming session with paper and pen. What makes you excited and feel alive? Be in the non-judgment zone. Just write. Getting through a normal day can leave us on autopilot. Spending time reconnecting to what gives us purpose can seem like just another daunting task if we haven’t focused inward for a while.  Try doing this last tip after you’ve allowed yourself some freedom to play as suggested in the tips above. 

Final Thoughts

All of us are passionate about something. It’s what makes us uniquely different and interesting. Rekindling that playful passionate part of you can help you through these trying times and remind you of who you really are and what you love.  Circumstances come and go. Passion and enthusiasm can get you to the other side with greater strides and with a renewed sense of hope and optimism about the future.

Life is supposed to be fun!

Written by BJ Davis – Director of Leadership Programs and Training at BJD Leadership Training and Team Development. You can contact her directly at bjdavis@coachbjd.com or by visiting her website www.coachbjd.com