high performance play !

what is high performance Play?

Our High Performance Play™ programs are highly customizable to cater to your teams desired outcomes and dynamics!

By providing a psychologically-safe and playful atmosphere, our programs allow forward-thinking, creativity, and employee engagement to naturually flourish into a healthier work-culture!




Why you SHOULD care about employee engagement


feel DISENGAGED FROM their work and work-place 

companies with actively engaged employees are


Low Employee Engagement Costs Companies




Name a Time

Our programs come in a variety of time periods to fit your ambitions!

15-30 minute No-Stress Recess™

60-90 minute forums

half-day, full-day, multi-day workshops


Our programs can be delivered near, far, and wherever you are, choose a delivery method that works for YOU!



on demand

name a cause

Our programs are suitable for whatever bumps, twists, or loop-de-loops that are placed on your teams path!

New Projects


Restructuring/Organizational Changes


From Our Clients

The best part was really listening! I heard many different perspectives that I hadn’t heard before. Empowerment is when you been given great feedback. The program offered both an opportunity to be heard and understood.

Hunter Crute III

Managing Partner, M & A

…I appreciated how it brought forth assumptions and maybe unconscious biases we all carry that can impede connection and understanding… I’m humbled and grateful to be part of this initiative and look forward to future engagements!!

John Chen

Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo

I was amazed at how quickly we moved from a discussion that touched on the easy, initial gender stereotypes into a meaningful, heartfelt conversation about why those stereotypes came about…

Anh LyJordan

Founder, Accelerate the Climb

By engaging in thought-provoking activities, creating sacred spaces in which to share concerns, and being playful with art and in nature, our students broke down those barriers and built a foundation they will rely on for the next year.

Cheryl Jenkins

Director of Student Leadership and Services, Meredith College

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes High Performance Play Programs So Unique?

It builds inclusivity and diversity through play so that common ground is discovered.

It raises moral instantly.

It allows individuals and teams ready to be ready for more by “allowing change” rather than enforcing it.


How Do I Know If High-Performance Play Is Right for Me and My Team?

If you are looking for a healthy way to change the energy and performance level of your team, for the better, than we are the perfect match!

With so much out there that is out of your control, our High-Performance Play process gives you and your team back the power of how you want your day to unfold.  

Using a proven methodology in raising vibrations through play, our programs will help tilt your team back towards unlimited creativity, while instilling a healthy inclusive mindset that they can easily tap into anytime, all the time!


What Outcomes Can I Expect from Your Programs?

Through the High-Performance Play process, we fuel unity and resilience by building common ground.

Our programs instantly raise morale and provide a safe “psychological space” for new understanding to surface and for authentic communication to be practiced and mastered.

We inspire positive change from your team along with innovative ideas that will bubble to the top through learning how to tap into unlimited creativity.


Do You Offer On-Going Services?

We love being an extension of our client’s team through a mix of both live and virtual programs.

We provide team coaching, one-on-one sessions, or monthly “No Stress Recess,” that continue to lower your teams “stress mode” while allowing them time to reconnect to some fun and engaging activities.

Whatever the method, we are here to support, encourage and inspire the very best from you and your team.


Will You Travel Globally to Deliver Programs?

We’ve worked with clients around the world, both live and virtual.  From Iraq to Mexico and all the amazing places and beautiful faces in between, we are determined to build more healthy work cultures, around the world, by empowering people through play.

Let’s START the Change

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