Looking to strengthen your team’s overall engagement and inclusivity?

Contact us. We can do it in a way that feels like fun to them and it’s real results for you!

“BJD Leadership created an atmosphere of trust, inclusiveness and vulnerability. I was amazed at how quickly we moved from a discussion that touched on the easy, initial gender stereotypes into a meaningful, heartfelt conversation.” 

-Anh LaJordan, CEO Accelerate The Climb


Shifting Perspectives Every Time. Guaranteed!

What is High Performance Play™?

High Performance Play™ is a proven process that shifts perspectives allowing new creatvity and innovation to flow towards accomplishing goals in a fun, enjoyable way.


A Better Way Through Play

There’s just no getting around addressing mental health, inclusivity and resiliency in the workplace, especially for organizations who want to attract the best candidates for their team.

We make the process of amplifying trust and loyalty through employee engagement easy and fun!

How We Do It: Our High Performance Play proven process gets results by addressing 3 Key Components.

You Play– Individual Skills, Talents, Creativity

We Play– Collaberation, Co-Creation, Managing Expections

We All Play – Building resilence and unity through mission impact

High Performance Play™ can activate not only unlimited creativity and collaboration, but also inclusivity, resiliency and psychological safety once you understand it’s components.

Reinforcing your team’s ability to become deliberate creators and co-creators that work in a more unified and resilient way- that’s the power of High Performance Play™

“25 years engaging students, teams and leaders, around the world, to embark on a better way to build unity and resilience through play.”
– BJ Davis. High Performance Play Expert, Author, Speaker, Play Coach, and Program Facilitator