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The Power Of High Performance Play™
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Create Success Through High Performance Play™

What if there was a way your business could build resilience and revenue to overcome challenges and obstacles?

You can, and you will through what we call High Performance Play™  

With this process we help unleash the power of your organization’s untapped creativity and builds unity that removes barriers.  This allows for less resistance so new ideas and energy can surface quickly, producing optimal outcomes.

High Performance Play™ brings clarity and focus to improve your bottom-line 100% of the time.

It feels like fun for your team, and it’s real results for you!

Building Resilience and Revenue Through the Power of High Performance Play™  

We Deliver 100% of the Time

Culture is the driver of achieving solid business resluts. By unleashing the power of High Performance Play™, we are able to tap into your team’s creativity in a way that builds trust and resilience which has a direct impact on  performance, buy-in, and increasing your bottom-line. 

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Why Clients Choose Us!

17 years of engaging audiences, while guarenteeing outcomes has taught us one crucial truth! Play is the order of the day! Play doesn’t mean goofing off.  Play means all hands in. Everybody is included! Every idea and thought can be shared. We know that the solution to any problem you are experiencing is in the room!  

“The best part was really listening! I heard many different perspectives that I hadn’t heard before. Empowerment is when you are given great feedback. High Performance Play™ programs offered both an opportunity to be heard and understood.”

J. Hunter Crute III

CEO, Referral Book

” BJ and Scott create an atmosphere of trust, inclusiveness and vulnerability. I was amazed at how quickly we moved from a discussion that touched on the easy, initial gender stereotypes into a meaningful, heartfelt conversation.”

Anh Ly Jordan

Founder, Accelerate the Climb

The Finding Common Ground™ program provided an insightful space to share our own perspectives, colored through gender expectations and narratives. I appreciated how it brought forth assumptions and maybe unconscious biases that can impede connection and understanding.”

C. John Chen

Relationship Consultant, Wells Fargo

Is it possible to have great fun and—at the same time—learn how the “other half” thinks? It’s amazing how easy it is to eliminate faulty assumptions once you’re aware of the full story. That’s exactly what I experienced in “Finding Common Ground- Why Do We”   

Mary Cantando

Founder & Trustee, xElle Ventures

 “BJ Davis’s has a rare combination of experience, passion and work ethic. Her ability to convey meaningful messages, ask thorough provoking questions and build team cohesiveness is a gift. She helped us build a better team through great leadership tools and strategies that we currently use today!

Barron J. Damon

VP, Partnership Dev. BB&BS

“Being a participant of “Finding Common Ground- Why Do We ,” had me laughing, and gave me new insight that can only be found through personal experiences that are shared here inside this amazing, fun and dynamic program.”

Ann Jagger


High Performance Play In Action

Within organizational work-cultures, nonprofit communities, or with teens embarking on their own brand of leadership, our High Performance Play™ programs are the most enriching, inclusive, non-resistant opportunity you could leverage to surpass your goals and land the mission with your team fully united. Since 2003 we’ve built and supported teams around the world in their quest to be the best!